The Logistics Industry Data Exchange Center Solution

Logistics Descriptions

Logistics industry includes traditional transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding and express delivery, as well as providing customers with supply chain management and optimization of modern logistics industry, third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL). Traditional logistics industry to upgrade to a modern service industry, for logistics providers, resource integration and optimization capabilities; for customers, improve customer service levels, rich services, providing customer-centric supply chain solutions.

Logistics industry is characterized by downstream customers and upstream is demanding a strong supplier of competitiveness is followed by downstream integration of upstream resources to provide innovative services to our customers. Need to give priority to the development of large-scale integration of internal resources and inter-regional offices.


  • The competitive landscape of the global logistics industry, logistics industry and customers have asked for more direct business systems integration, and thus the entire logistics process to provide customers with more value-added logistics services;
  • eCOM will provide customers with more value-added services, and requires the ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demand;
  • There are more logistics application software is applied to the logistics industry, such as warehouse management systems, transportation management system, customs declaration system, and so on. Integration of internal systems must be able to the operator for the internal and external customers to provide full tracking and visualization capabilities;
  • Traditional logistics face the pressure due to upstream and downstream price pressure;
  • Logistics have the following challenges like, professional (cold chain logistics, tobacco logistics, chemical logistics, etc.), real-time high (DOOR2DOOR, JUST IN TIME / VMI), fast response (urban distribution), the whole visual (dangerous goods, valuables storage and transportation, etc.), cost (integrated solution).

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