eCOM B2B Framework

      IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (B2Bi) is the leading B2B EDI software in the US and is considered as the perfect B2B EDI technical solution. However, B2Bi requires much customization, making development and implementation a drawn out project for any company. Often enough, the scope, design, and build processes normally take at least 3-12 months. Many B2Bi customers noted that implementation time are too long. Naturally, a company’s return on investment (ROI) rate decreases as the project’s timeline extends.

       In growth markets, B2Bi implementations are even more challenging. Companies tend to be more ROI sensitive, requiring faster implementation times. Furthermore, EDI standards are not common as XML and proprietary formats are more prevalent. Customers also want to manage non-standard messages as completely as EDI. Finally, customer B2B domain knowledge is very minimal and therefore will lean towards the simplest solution that requires the least change to on-board and manage their B2B interactions.

       The eCOM B2B Framework is designed to address these challenges. It draws a lot from eCOM’s extensive domain knowledge and numerous implementations in developing best practices for various industries –retail, logistics, manufacturing, financial services, sourcing, and shipping to name a few.


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